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About L'atelier Gourmet Food

Showcasing pâtés, terrines and rillettes, our charcuterie products are made using high quality and WA sourced ingredients.


We produce batches using traditional French cuisine techniques, with locally grown produce to ensure premium quality and taste.


Contact us to place an order or get in touch to discover our delicious products.

Our Story

L’atelier Gourmet Food is a story of our passion for delicious food, wine & true friendship.

We met two years ago in our workplace, in one of Perth CBD fine dining restaurants. In our first week working together we rapidly got along and started to share our passion for delicious food and wine.


On our days off we enjoyed hosting long lunches and dinners and started producing our own charcuterie for our guests and of course our own pleasure.


After receiving positive feedback from family and friends, we started to joke around about selling our products one day. With both of us working full time and long hours, the idea of setting up a business was fading away rapidly.


After a couple of months, our motivation and passion was climbing back in our thoughts and we decided to take the challenge of creating l’atelier Gourmet Food as a side business.


Thank you for supporting us and being part of our journey.

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